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General Information
H²O Systems, Inc., is a private company locally owned and operated in St. Tammany Parish, LA. We have over 25 years of experience in providing safe and reliable water and wastewater treatment to our customers. H²O Services, Inc., employs operators who are certified by the State of Louisiana to operate wastewater treatment and collections facilities and our water production, treatment and distribution systems.
The merger of GUC and NEES was approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, our regulatory agency for rates, charges, rules & regulations. Please click here for a copy of the approval of the merger. By combining these two companies, H²0 Systems, Inc., has consolidated the experience & expertise of over 75 combined years in the industry. We have five (5) operators certified through the State of Louisiana to operate wastewater treatment facilities and wastewater collection facilities. We have four (4) operators certified to provide water production, treatment and distribution.
Regulation (Local, State, Federal)
H²O Systems, Inc., is regulated by several local, state and federal agencies. On a local level, we coordinate and approve all system extensions and improvements with the St. Tammany Parish, Dept of Environmental Services. On a state level, our water production, treatment & distribution is regulated by State of Louisiana, Dept of Health & Hospital. Our wastewater treatment and collection systems are regulated and inspected regularly by State of Louisiana, Dept of Environmental Quality. Many of our programs, such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, are mandated and regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on a federal level.
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Our Team

The Team at H2O Systems are experienced and determined to provide the best customer service possible.

Danette Jenkins
Operations Manager

Mrs. Jenkins has been our office manager for over 20 years! She works very hard everyday to keep everything H2O Systems, Inc does organized for our customers. We are very happy to have Mrs. Jenkins as the backbone of the H2O Systems, Inc. team and we appreciate everything she does for us!

Tony Jones
Field Crew Supervisor

Mr. Jones has been the field crew supervisor for over 25 years. He is constantly educating and training our crews in the most up-to-date technology and water treatment solutions. We are proud to have Mr. Jones as part of the H2O Systems, Inc. family and we appreicate all the hard work he does for our customers!

Debbie Jeppsen
Customer Service Representative

Debbie joined our team in Jan 2017. She comes to us from Ogden, Utah. Debbie has over twenty (20) years of customer service experience. She has quickly become an essential member of our team. Debbie manages the customer service office at 845 Galvez Street, Mandeville. We appreciate her knowledge and expertise in handling our customer’s requests and issues.

Lindsey David
Asst. Customer Service Representative

Lindsey provides backup for our entire team. She is experienced in customer service as well as data entry and record keeping. Lindsey assists in all areas of the company. We are glad that she has joined our team to assist in meeting our customer’s expectations and keeping our information accurate and up to date.